Archive | September, 2007

The Thrill of the Eternal

Earlier this month a few members of our team visited the Oklahoma State Fair to share the message of salvation as volunteers with Child Evangalism Fellowship. We were set up in a simple, small, white tent with a poster inviting passers-by to check out the story of the wordless book. It was a two-part job. Both were […]

A Ride on the Edge

Take a section of the Rocky Mountains, cover it in subtropical foliage and set it on an island one hundred miles off the coast of China and you have: eastern Taiwan. During the widely-celebrated Moon Festival (September 22-25) we had the chance to visit Hualien, Taiwan’s country vacationland. We returned on the 24th, just before […]

The Arrival of Autumn

It’s hard to believe that autumn has already arrived! It doesn’t seem like a full year since I last heard the tell-tale sound of brown and yellow walnut leaves crackling underfoot. The mornings are cooler, the breeze is crisp, and the days are growing shorter. Though most of the foliage is still as green as […]

A Real Field

Have you ever never mowed your lawn? Well, this year was the first time for us. No, it wasn’t intentional; it was just that our lawn mower kept breaking down and has thus been in the shop all summer. Of course we keep the grass around our house cut really nice (that is Jonathan’s job!) […]

God’s Timetable

The first great thing about God’s timetable is that it includes things, basic, foundational things, that continue in repetition and never change. The second thing about God’s timetable is that there are other things, real life things, that He can change at will because He loves us and wants to teach us His character. This […]

2007 Contests

Inside the car, David, Jonathan, Esther, and I were cozy and excited; a perfect contrast with the dark, stormy night outside! I had entered the Doddridge County Fair Amateur Photography Contest and now we were driving home from picking up my pictures from the fairgrounds. We were rejoicing over the unexpected outcome. I had entered one […]

Revival in the Northwoods!

Today was incredible! Over one hundred students from Verity College had gathered with Mr. Gothard to seek the Lord for a week in the beautiful Northwoods of Michigan. After a day of delighting in the Lord through fasting, times alone in prayer, powerful preaching, study of the Word with others, and “entertaining” God, the Spirit […]