Archive | July, 2007

An Unexpected Suprise

Let me skip ahead to a special activity that we did during the 7th week of Life FOCUS. On Wednesday last week, Director Ritchie planned an outing as a reward for wholeheartedly working through the last six, intense weeks. We traveled to Green Acres canoe livery on the Whitewater River in Harrison, Ohio for an […]

Do you have a Testimony?

I was challenged with this question a few weeks ago. On the Sunday before Journey to the Heart, the Life FOCUS class was scheduled to go to the Pacific Garden Mission in downtown Chicago, a ministry founded in 1877 by Colonel George Clarke. The mission was hospitably providing a meal for homeless men who were […]

The 4th Week

Though the fourth week of Life FOCUS is long gone, it doesn’t mean that I should not post about it. Indeed, it was a very important week. Now that the students had learned and applied important truths of the faith, it was now time for them to go out and share it with other people. […]

Experiments in Sequential Reactions

Have you ever made chain reactions with dominoes? I have had a great time experimenting with this recently. What tremendous fun it was to set up tracks for the dominoes! They slid down ramps, fell over, through, and under bridges and tunnels, and traveled through many incredible patterns! I especially liked using stairs, slides, block […]

A Journey to the Heart

Imagine getting together with a small team of other like-minded fellows, heading out into God’s creation, and spending an entire week with God! That’s what Donald, James, and Jonathan are doing this week on a Journey to the Heart. Last Monday, three teams of fellows and two teams of girls headed up to the beautiful […]

Summer Guests

We have just concluded a wonderful ten days with the seven youngest of the Potter family. During this time Mr. and Mrs. Potter were in Sacramento for the ATI Regional Training Conference. Their son and daughters demonstrated a tremendous willingness to work around here.Their assistance was much appreciated from house cleaning to nailing shingles on the new shed. […]

George Washington the Christian

Washington is one of the few presidents that have become well-known and remained well-known in schoolrooms across the world. So impecable was his character that not even his enemies could find an occaision to speak evil of him. The foundation for this tremendous accomplishment is explored in a book I have just finished reading: George Washington the Christian. George Washington […]

A Sound Foundation

Ever since I sent in my application for Sound Foundations back in January, I had been earnestly looking forward to and preparing for my time there. However, a month or so before it started I was notified that they were having a severe shortage of applicants, even to the point that it could have possibly been cancelled! […]

7 Principles in 7 Days

We have now made our way back to the Indianapolis Training Center. While we still have chores and dish cleanup, we have now focused our attention on learning the seven life principles as taught in the Basic Seminar. Even by the end of the week, we have seen some evidences of how these life changing […]