Archive | May, 2007

Drawings of a Diligent Duo

Art is a universal language. What an experience it is to learn to capture an object or event on paper in your own way. But what is better than being an artist? Teaching other artists! I remember that a reporter once wanted to run an article on my work—but now I have the opportunity to be […]

Guard that flag!

          A few weeks ago I happened to be reflecting on the games of capture the flag we had with friends in Virginia. As long as a flag is well guarded, the game can actually seem pointless. Suddenly a new perspective struck me: Satan feels the “game” is pointless when our hearts are well guarded! A courageous […]

SAP Update

This is not really the time of year to be thinking about maple sap; that is what we did in February and March. But actually, now that time has passed, we can examine the results of the experiments we made during sap season. On a previous post, I said that sap was great for drinking straight […]

Jumping into Resourcefulness

One day David and I were riding our bikes and thought of somthing really fun we could make. We built a ramp for the bikes. We used old boards and nails. It is a lot of fun trying to jump farther then last time. I think our record for now is over 2 yards.  You don’t always have to buy new equipment. You can use old materials that […]

A Key Mistake

I was sitting down at the piano the other night, playing away to my heart’s content, when up walked two friends with a problem. Lauren had locked her keys in her car. Unfortunately, AAA had sent a tow truck instead of a locksmith. Not much help. Well, they asked for a flashlight and I did […]

Settlers of Ohio

Last Wednesday, we went on an educational and thought-provoking field trip to Marietta, Ohio with some other home-school families in the area. One of the many points of interest we visited was the Campus Martius Museum. The unique name of the museum gives insight to the nature and character of the artifacts it displayed. Campus […]

Bird Watching at Huntly Meadows

Recently, we have been studying Matthew 7:7 where it says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”. On an event-packed, fellowship-filled vacation to the Wilkes’ a few weeks ago, we had the perfect opportunity to apply and experience this verse.  Early on Saturday […]

God Thunders Through in Big Sandy!

“My fourteen-year-old brother was in tears,” a friend of mine told me this evening, “as God got a hold of his heart during the day of delighting in the Lord at the conference.” I was chatting with an ATI Mom on the phone this afternoon. “I’ve been to a lot of conferences,” she said, “but […]

An Address From Washington

In a few weeks, we anticipate having a living history lesson. A long-time friend and teacher, Pete Olson will come from Denver the last week of June to speak at several different places about the Christian heritage of America. For now, let us take heed again to an address from George Washington to representatives of the Baptist Churches of America right after his inauguration two hundred and […]