Archive | April, 2007

It’s About Relationship

This morning at Bolingbrook IBC I was blessed to hear a powerful message by Evangelist Will Galkin, a former member Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team. God spoke to me through it. The barrenness of spending my days doing needful, legitimate things without the continual awareness of God’s personal presence dries up my soul. Why do I […]

What hospitality!

It was with great anticipation and excitement that we loaded the car and left Thursday morning on a long-awaited visit to Virginia. Our final destination was the Potter’s home, and along the way we stopped at several parks, including the magnificent Cathedral State Park. As soon as we arrived we were warmly greeted and made to feel […]

Mount Vernon

“Give him the grace to die to self on a daily basis so that Your ordering of events and Your resurrection power will be evident in every battle of his life.” Imagine the impact of having these words prayed for you. This was a part of Dad’s verbal blessing, given to me during our trip […]

Birthday Excursion to Cathedral State Park

Until that morning, I had never so intensely experienced the cool confines of an ancient hemlock forest! The moss covered trees were saturated with water from last night’s heavy rain fall. Millions of tiny water droplets clung to millions of tiny twigs, glistening like diamonds in the early morning light. Evaporating water filled the dense, […]

One Decision at a Time

I praise the Lord for His tremendous blessing on the teaching of character in the public schools. What a joy it is to be here and channel God’s love to the children He brings across my path. Usually it is in the classroom but there are also opportunities over lunch, in the library or during […]

“Now We’re in One Accord!”

The Spirit of the Lord is here! Powerful testimonies were flowing freely for almost three hours this evening as the Dad’s Conference began to draw to a close. Right now it is 11:30 at night and the lobby of the Indianapolis Training Center is buzzing with the fellowship of fathers openly sharing their hearts with […]

Birthday Celebrations

Since our family was planning to take a vacation to Virginia the weekend of Donald’s and my birthdays, we decided to celebrate them a week early. Throughout the day that we celebrated my birthday, a late and heavy snow drifted down outside, which added to the cozy atmosphere inside. Every one took time out of their […]