Pictures from Life Focus

James sent some pictures from Life Focus today! Here are a couple that we thought everyone would enjoy:

{Life Focus Team} Chimney Sweeps“This is a group picture of most of all Life Focus. We just finished tearing down an old chimney in Pastor Goodwin’s church (he is sitting in front). It was a quick setup as it was raining hard where I had to take the picture.”

{Life Focus Team} Room Inspectors“This is one of the grand inspection teams that inspected rooms for Saturday inspection. The four little guys in the front helped us out this Saturday. Eight more eyes helped in spotting more dust. As for the leaders from left to right, back row than front: ATL James Staddon (Blue), ALC Tony Olivario (Silver, I think), ATL Nate Paine (Green), TL Chad Paine (Silver), ATL Daniel Westfahl (Silver), Director Patrick Ritchie, LC Thomas Paine (Green, I think), TL Joshua Wilkes (Blue), TL Michael Staddon (Green), and ALC Matt Hinton (Blue). The teams work together very well. TL=Team Leader, ATL=Assistant Team Leader, LC=Logistics Chief, ALC=Assistant Logistics Chief.”

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  1. James October 30, 2006 at 1:11 pm #

    Wow Robert! Thanks for putting the pictures up. Even though it probably didn’t take you long, it still saved me some time.

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